GSA Contract Continuity Initiative May Streamline New Offers for Legacy GSA MAS Contractors

December 8, 2015

GSA recently began posting drafts of upcoming solicitation refreshes for the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) on its GSA Interact website for review and comment. One of the significant changes introduced in the November drafts is the Contract Continuity Initiative. Under this program, the Federal Supply Service (FSS) will offer a streamlined process for “successful” contract holders to use when submitting a new schedule contract proposal at the end of their 20-year GSA contract period. The Contract Continuity Initiative also provides the mechanism for contractors to maintain existing BPAs and orders under the old contract until it expires, while using the new contract for new work (‘continuous contracts’).

Why are these changes both necessary and important? The MAS program has reached the point where some contracts are approaching the end of the 20-year contract period. To date, such contractors have been required to submit a complete new offer, which creates an undue administrative burden on the contractor and GSA. By utilizing a streamlined set of instructions, GSA expects to expedite the process. According to GSA, “the following [solicitation] requirements were eliminated or reduced to the greatest extent possible:

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Financial Statements [note: FAR 9.104 requires Contracting Officers to make an affirmative determination of responsibility so the Contracting Officer always has discretion to request additional information to make this determination]
  • Corporate Experience
  • Open Ratings Report
  • Relevant Project Experience

In the future, systems modifications will allow removal of the Pathway to Success Training.”

A “successful” contractor is eligible to take advantage of the new streamlined process if it is a current GSA schedule holder who –

  • Is currently in at least Year 14 of the existing contract;
  • Proposes the same Special Item Numbers (SINs) as awarded on its existing contract
  • Meets the minimum sales requirement for its existing contract
  • Demonstrates satisfactory past performance under its existing contract.”

Successful contractors whose MAS contracts were originally awarded in 2002 or earlier qualify for the streamlined offer process. If you aren’t sure when your contract was awarded, GSA provides an informative table explaining how to use the last letter of the contract number to determine the fiscal year of award.

If your GSA schedule contract was awarded in 2002 or earlier and you need help preparing a new offer, please contact Hope Lane of Aronson to learn how we can help you develop a versatile and profitable contract that will serve your needs for the next 20 years.