GSA Announces Plans and Timeline for Services Schedules Consolidation

September 8, 2014

MH900309641GSA has talked about the consolidation of services across multiple Schedules for quite some time.  This week they announced their strategy and prospective timeline for a massive consolidation of services from eight Schedules. Of course, the first question most will have is “so what do we do now?” Current Schedule-holders and companies with offers going in within the next few months do not need to do anything different right now.  There will certainly be follow-on announcements, once milestones start to arrive but if history is a guide, we can expect that a rollout of this magnitude will almost certainly see delays and/or changes from the current plans.  Aronson will keep you updated as any new information becomes available.

Here are some of the highlights of their announcement:

“In an environment of declining budgets and increasing demands on the acquisition workforce, improvements must be made to GSA’s professional services Schedules.  By having fewer Schedules, or optimally one professional services Schedule, GSA can achieve:

  • Improved contract usability; agencies can obtain and contractors can provide total service solutions through one contract vehicle.
  • Increased program efficiency by managing fewer contracts and solicitations.
  • Reduced administrative costs to industry by reducing the number of contracts they manage.
  • Eliminate the need to submit separate offers for professional services; firms would have the ability to submit a modification request instead – this equates to a substantial decrease in time required to add new services.

Federal agency customers of FAS and Industry are important stakeholders in the process, and like our OASIS and OASIS SB acquisition process, we will use Interact, social media, industry days, association forums, and agency roundtables as channels for input and feedback, and to provide information to you about the status of this work.”

What Schedules are affected, or may be affected, by this initiative?

  • Consolidated (00CORP)
  • MOBIS (874)
  • PES (871)
  • FABS (520)
  • AIMS (541)
  • LOGWORLD (874V)
  • Environmental (899)
  • Language (738II)

How will these Schedules be affected?
Going forward, with the exception of the Consolidated (00CORP) Schedule, the Schedules listed above will be migrated into the new Professional Services Schedule and the solicitations for those schedules cited above would be eliminated.”

What is the impact to existing contracts that are migrating to the Professional Services Schedule?

  • There will be no change to the contract number;
  • There will be no change to SINs for all affected Schedules except Consolidated which would no longer carry the “C” designation for any SINs other than C132-51 and C595-21;
  • The performance period for all professional services contracts, regardless of Schedule, would remain unchanged;
  • The terms and conditions of all professional services contracts, regardless of Schedule would remain unchanged.

Associated changes made would include; rebranding the Consolidated Schedule Program to Professional Services Schedule; and changing the solicitation number to that which represents the Professional Services Schedule.  These changes would result in the issuance of a mass modification to all existing contract holders.

How would these changes impact the Consolidated Schedules Program and current Consolidated contracts?

  • The Consolidated Schedule will be the contract structure used to create the new Professional Services Schedule.  In short, the Consolidated Schedule would be replaced by the Professional Services Schedule.
  • Contracts currently under the Consolidated Schedule would be unaffected, with the following exceptions:
  • As noted above, excluding IT (70) (SIN C132-51) and HR (738X) (SIN C595-21), nonprofessional service SINS on the Consolidated Schedule with no sales will be cancelled.
  • Nonprofessional service SINS with sales would be removed from the Consolidated Schedule and migrated to the appropriate Schedule.  For example, once implemented, SIN C03FAC contractors would have contracts on Schedule 03FAC.  FAS Contracting Officers would work with affected contractors to ensure active BPA’s and task orders are not impacted and can be completed.
  • The 21 nonprofessional services contracts migrated from the Consolidated Schedule would have a new Schedule contract with a performance period of one five-year period, and three five-year option periods.”

“What is the current milestone schedule for this initiative?

Activity Complete
Nonprofessional service SINS reviewed, SINS with no sales will be cancelled  09/30/14
AIMS Schedule administration transferred from Region 7 to Region 10  10/01/14
Nonprofessional service SINS with sales migrated to the appropriate Schedule  12/31/14
Begin migration to Professional Services Schedule  01/01/15
Existing Schedules closed for new offers  02/28/15
New offers accepted under the Professional Services Schedule  03/01/15
Transitions to the Professional Services Schedule substantially complete  11/01/15


Here is a link to the full post.

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