Greg Plotts Featured in Associations Now Article

Aronson News
November 14, 2019

Greg Plotts was recently featured in an Associations Now article, “How to Prevent Fraud at Your Association,” by Rasheedra Childress.

The article takes a look at a recent case of fraud at the American Horse Council (AHC) and shares tips to stop fraud at associations. Rasheedra identifies Aronson as AHC’s new auditor, who helped “[advise AHC] on best practices for fraud prevention and detection.”

In the article, Greg shares a number of best practices on preventing fraud at associations. Greg states that organizations with less than 100 employees are at the biggest risk of fraud. He advises associations to keep an eye out for certain red flags. These may include employees with unusually close relationships to vendors or customers, those who appear to be hoarding work, and employees who experience a significant life crisis.

Greg states that a whistleblower policy can be the best way for associations to root our fraud. He says: “People that see things in your organization want to tell somebody, so you’ve got to give them an avenue to tell somebody about what they’re seeing.” He also recommends background checks of employees who have access to account information.

To learn more about best practices for fraud prevention and detection at your association, contact Greg Plotts today at 301.231.6200.