From the GSA Trenches: GSA Digest: Turning Obstacles into Awards

November 6, 2020

Aronson’s seasoned team of GSA experts works with contractors to navigate the complexities of GSA Schedule contracts. We’re here to help contractors make better strategic decisions to maximize government sales in alignment with their short- and long-term goals. Our GSA digest is filled with helpful tips based upon our GSA interactions, negotiations, and successes. Our goal for sharing these updates is to assist contractors in a better understanding of how to profitably utilize the GSA Schedule and avoid compliance pitfalls. If you are experiencing these or other GSA Schedule contract management challenges, contact Aronson to see how we can help you overcome them!

Change = Opportunity:

Throughout the year, the government has emergency needs due to new cybersecurity requirements, pandemic preparation, hurricane and wildfire response, and other events. Aronson’s GSA consulting team helps contractors evaluate changes and stay prepared by submitting modifications to add or rebrand products/services to reflect their most current capabilities to meet government needs. As a result of one such modification, a contractor received a multi-million order with a new agency. Prepare now – what Schedule contract changes would get you prepared for the government’s next buying opportunity? Contact Hope Lane to discuss modifications to your GSA Schedule today.

Flexibility = Compliance

The use of “unqualified labor” is a common negative finding during GSA Office of Inspector General (OIG) audits and GSA Contractor Assessments. Such findings can result in contractors being deemed to have “overbilled” the government, and owing thousands (or millions) of dollars in repayments. Aronson’s GSA consulting team recently worked with several Schedule holders to mitigate this risk by negotiating the addition of experience and education substitutions. Adding these substitutions increased flexibility in staffing and reduced compliance issues. Without these substitutions, mapping employees to GSA labor categories can be overly restrictive. Contractors should note that accepting requirement waivers from ordering agencies to place an unqualified person on a task order is not acceptable. See our blog for more on this issue and learn more about how we can help you modify your contract to increase flexibility and stay in compliance.