Federal Government to Close Wednesday to Honor President Bush: What Contractors Need to Know

December 3, 2018

The federal government will close this Wednesday, December 5, for a national day of mourning for former President George H.W. Bush. While this is undoubtedly an appropriate way to honor President Bush, the closing of the government creates some potential issues for contractors with employees that work at government facilities.

Contractors that have employees working at government facilities should take the following actions to prepare for the government closing on Wednesday:

  • Determine if your customer’s offices will be closed or remain open as essential to security.
  • If the office will be closed, review your contract to see if unplanned closures are addressed. Some agencies will provide contractor employees with an administrative charge number, similar to the way the agency handles their own employees.
  • If your employees are not provided with this, seek guidance from the contracting officer.
  • Additional options to consider include:
    • Employees perform the contract work at another location
    • Employees report to contractor offices and work on other project(s)
    • Employees take leave
    • Employees provided with paid time off

Unlike government shutdowns due to budget battles, this one has the advantage of predictability. In other words, we know when it will happen and for how long, so there is no excuse for contractors to be caught unaware.

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