Don’t Overlook IT Governance

August 26, 2021

One thing that is often overlooked in organizations is the importance of IT governance.  Unfortunately, ignorance and lack of due care are the primary factors preventing organizations from understanding and benefiting from sound IT governance.

IT governance is composed of leadership, processes, tools, and methodologies that enable an organization to ensure the alignment of business strategy and goals with IT service(s), infrastructure, and overall environment.  IT governance can enable an organization to achieve its goals and objectives, through this alignment (and with the support of senior leadership).  The research firm, the Butler Group, noted that “poor IT governance [led to] increased costs due to the inefficiencies of short-term; tactical IT deployments; risk of breaching data security and regulatory compliance requirements; and unproductive use of people and IT assets” (ZDNet).

Governance ensures an organization conforms to applicable laws and regulations and has a mature organizational structure to help enforce due care and due diligence. With the prevalence of cybersecurity attacks, it is often apparent that poor leadership and/or accountability led to these costly events (both in terms of financial loss and reputational damage). Vulnerabilities (CVEs) often go unremedied in the form of unpatched software, firmware that’s not updated, or CVEs not properly addressed because there is no security program or governance in place that specifically assigns accountability and responsibility across the IT and cybersecurity functions. This can lead to a perception that there was a demonstrated lack of due care. As a consequence, there is the possibility of regulatory fines and damage to the organization’s reputation. This is especially true in cases where PII (personally identifiable information) and PHI (protected health information) are leaked.

There are multiple governance frameworks such as COBIT, ITIL, COSO, CMMI, and FAIR to help organizations with aligning IT to their strategic business objective, but they will not yield productive results without buy- in and enforcement of senior leadership. An organization should not need to endure a catastrophe or major incident to trigger the adoption of sound practices.  IT governance is a necessity for organizational security and success.

Aronson LLC can help guide your organization through the technical and management processes to implement a sound IT governance approach. Aronson is a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) with the CMMC-AB, the accreditation body responsible for managing the CMMC program. We partner with government contractors (and their IT/cybersecurity vendors) to enable you to achieve the maturity required to successfully demonstrate CMMC compliance and obtain desired certification. Contact our CMMC advisory team to learn more.