Demystifying DCAA Incurred Cost Submissions

On-Demand Webinar
May 10, 2017

Download: DCAA Incurred Cost Submissions ICS Slides

Join Aronson government contracting experts Donna Dominguez and Aisha Mian as they demystify Incurred Cost Submission (ICS) requirements, share best practices on how to submit an adequate ICS, and impart survival tips for ICS audits.

Submitting the ICS has never been easy, and it is has been common for federal contractors to miss the deadline. But if you miss the June 30, 2017 deadline this year, you’ll get more than a friendly reminder. You’ll have just 30 days to submit an adequate ICS before DCAA’s tough guidance gives the Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) sole power to establish your final indirect rates—which could be set at levels below actual costs. You’ll also only have 60 days before being placed on the DCAA’s delinquent list, putting your reputation at risk.

Don’t miss your chance to protect contract value and learn what it takes to cross the finish line by June 30, 2017—or apply for an extension in time to make a difference.

Topics covered include:

  • Learn how DCAA’s expectations have changed and how this impacts the ICS, filing requirements, deadlines, and extensions
  • Understand ICS adequacy checklist criteria and risk assessment requirements
  • Receive step-by-step explanations on how to complete adequate ICS schedules and receive a low risk rating
  • Gain an understanding of the unfortunate ramifications of non-compliance, including undergoing an ICS audit, having the ACO unilaterally set your rates, and making the “naughty list” of delinquent contractors
  • Receive tips for surviving an ICS audit, including how to identify ICS resources

Who should watch this webinar:

This webinar will be of value to all federal prime contractors and subcontractors and anyone who prepares, reviews or signs the ICS. The following positions will especially benefit from this informative webinar:

  • Accountants
  • Compliance officers
  • Contract administrators
  • Program managers
  • CFOs and finance personnel
  • Agency and contractors’ counsel
  • Contracting officers