Decreased Revenue/Increased Demands on Regional Nonprofits

June 4, 2012

It’s not just you. If you work in the nonprofit sector in the D.C. Metro region, you may be feeling like there has been an ongoing decline in revenue and an increase in demands for your services. You aren’t alone. The Center for Nonprofit Advancement released its fifth regional study of nonprofits in the Greater Washington D.C. area and the study indicates there is some positive news in spite of ongoing declines in revenue and increases in demands for services.

The study’s key findings note that the overall diversity in funding streams is continuing to shrink among area nonprofits while more than half of study participants anticipate increased demand for their services. More than half of the participants are operating with 3 months or less of reserves.

The good news, according to the Center, is that “nearly half have heard from funding sources that they will maintain or give more in 2012.” That is significantly improved over the state of things in 2009, when only 15% were reporting confirmed support.

Read more about the study here.