Decoding Budgeted Indirect Rates

On-Demand Webinar
November 16, 2017

Download: Establish Budget and Indirect Rates 2017 Slides

Watch and Download Aronson’s government contracting experts Donna Dominguez and Aisha Mian presentation which took place on November 16th. Tune in as our experts provide valuable insight on developing budgeted indirect rates during their webinar, “Decoding Budgeted Indirect Rates.” Budgeting indirect rates is a process that goes well beyond dumping last year’s data into an old Excel spreadsheet in order to “guesstimate” next year’s expenses. For the savvy government contractor, it’s an analytical process that looks at various aspects of your company’s historical and future points of view in order to remain competitive and profitable.

Watching our webinar replay will provide practical advice on:

  • How to develop a budget that meets your company’s future and strategic goals
  • Profitability on existing contracts while proposing competitive indirect rates
  • Best practices for preparing your budget package for submission to the government
  • Budgets benefitting all contract types

Established provisional rates can be an advantage for cost proposals. Fiscally responsible government contractors should prepare their Fiscal Year budgets for submission to the government by early January, and it is never too soon to begin preparing. Whether you have time & materials, firm fixed price, or cost reimbursement contracts, this informative webinar will provide both an overview of the requirements and practical tips for meeting them.