Can You Outscore the Competition on Polaris?

April 5, 2022

The RFP for the Polaris small business pool GWAC has dropped and the proposal is due on May 13. GSA intends to make 100 awards. The Polaris GWAC has an unlimited ceiling and can award fixed price, cost-reimbursement and time and material task orders. The NAICS code selected for the Master Contract is designated as 541512, Computer Systems Design Services, which equates to a size standard of $30 million. Polaris has a base period of 5 years with one 5-year option. However, the option contains a minimum sales requirement. GSA will not exercise the option unless the contractor has at least $500,000 of sales in the base period. In addition, the option will not be exercised if the contractor has out-grown size standards through an acquisition. Contractors who organically outgrow the size standards can remain on the contract in a limited capacity.

Significantly, labor category pricing is not required at the IDIQ level. Otherwise, the scoring is very similar to the Alliant GWAC in that it is self-scoring. The scoring matrix is summarized below.

As you can see, relevant experience, project size, past performance, NAICS codes and cyber security make up 74% of the evaluation. If the bidder does not score well in those areas, it will be difficult for the bidder to make up ground in the other, more minor evaluation factors. In that case, bidders should consider teaming or forming a joint venture.

Aronson can work with potential bidders to ensure they can claim the accounting system points. In addition, Aronson provided “red-team” reviews for several of the ALIANT bidders, where we checked all of the supporting data provided to ensure that it supports the points claimed. Please direct any Polaris questions you may have to GovCon Help Desk Email at