Aronson ONE Indirect Rates Survey Results

June 24, 2021

This year our Government Contract Services Group was excited to conduct our annual Aronson ONE Indirect Rates Survey and also give away $250 Amazon gift cards to four lucky respondents as a special thanks for participation! As another token of our appreciation, survey participants were granted early access to our survey results. We are now excited to share the results with everyone.

This year’s survey displays results from various companies that have headquarters spanning over 22 states. Again we see that over 72% of the participants work for companies in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region. For FY 2019, we see that the majority of respondents are supporting Civilian Agencies at 53% and 47% are in the Department of Defense (DoD) space. Results for the 2019 rates survey show that the participants with revenues up to $50M made up 78% of the participants.

We have summarized the data into interactive graphs displaying various information from general summary like number of employees and predominant agency our respondents are servicing all the way to average compensation for executives.  We encourage you to explore each of the charts. For questions about the Aronson ONE survey, contact us.

To view the Aronson ONE survey results, click here.