Aronson LLC’s Services For Hospitality Operations Owned by Private Equity Firms

September 24, 2021

At Aronson, our Hospitality Services Group helps restaurants, hotels, wholesale distributors, food manufacturers, and other hospitality businesses stay on firm financial footing, improve operational efficiency, and increase their bottom line. We combine our technical area specialties and industry experience to help service your business’ current needs and future activities.

Our Services and Value

We believe that the best way to serve our clients is to create proactive solutions that allow hospitality businesses to flourish in a fast moving market. The Aronson platform is a highly customizable program that allows hospitality businesses to select a package of comprehensive services that suits their needs.


Aronson offers tax compliance that ensures your business is taking advantage of every tax deduction and tax credit that is available to your industry. We use our technical expertise to develop innovative and creative tax planning alternatives and solutions to our clients that balance their business endeavors.


We provide comprehensive audit and accounting services to guide hospitality businesses on their path to short- and long-term objectives. Our firm has a highly regarded reputation for instilling confidence among financial stakeholders that they can depend on the accuracy of the financial statements that ensures accounting transparency.


Aronson uses its in-depth understanding of the hospitality industry to help navigate our clients to solutions surrounding areas such as industry benchmarking and labor regulations. We use our business acumen to advise clients on business matters such as entity organization, cash flow management and debt equity agreements.

Transaction Advisory

We take the guesswork out of complex M&A transactions and help guide hospitality businesses through each stage of the transaction life cycle, from pre-to post-closing. Our flexible and scalable buy-side and sell-side due diligence process enables hospitality owners to under many facts tied to the transaction including the various tax issues that could arise.

As private equity (PE) firms look to invest in hospitality businesses, Aronson is prepared to assist and advise (PE) firms on governance, restructuring and strategies to raise capital.

From Aronson’s understanding of PE firms to competency in various technical areas to a strong working hospitality industry knowledge, there is a lot of value Aronson can bring to PE firms and their hospitality investments.

Our specialists are available for consultation on any of these matter for restaurants, hotels, wholesale distributors, food manufacturers, and other hospitality businesses. Please contact Aaron Boker or one of our hospitality tax advisors at 301.231.6200 for more information.