Aronson Foundation Gives Back to DC Metro Community

Aronson Foundation News
December 17, 2021

Rockville, MD, December 17, 2021 — Since 1962, Aronson has served its people, clients, and community. The accounting firm is passionate about giving back to those whose who have made this community a wonderful place to do business and live.

In 2004, the firm formally established the Aronson Foundation. Since inception, the Aronson Foundation has donated in excess of $2,300,000 to worthy causes.

The Aronson Foundation focuses on giving back to organizations that capture the passion of Aronson’s team members and clients, as well as organizations local to the DC metro community. Aronson team members are able to give back by nominating organizations to be considered for an Aronson Foundation contribution, through the firm’s Charity of the Month program.

In 2021, the Aronson Foundation contributed to several organizations, many focused on child and family welfare, education, and veterans’ causes.

Some of these worthy causes include:

For more information on the Aronson Foundation’s mission and contributions to the DC metro community, please contact Amanda Fuller.