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Aronson Capital Partners’ Summer 2018 Market Pulse

ACP Market Update
July 31, 2018

Federal contracting continues to outperform the broader market. In the first half of 2018, the Defense Electronics and Aerospace markets were driven by boosts in sales and profitability. Contractor valuation growth has steadied in the past two years, but industry multiples remain high. Returns have been driven by growth and clarity in the federal budget, especially within Defense and Information Technology. Look for growth in M&A transactions in the second half of 2018, especially in key markets such as Special Operations Forces. Download the entire Market Update for a detailed review of the following topics:

  • Public Markets and Valuation Trends
  • Fall Outlook
  • Special Operations Forces (SOF)
  • Notable Transactions
  • Public Company Comparables and Recent M&A Transactions
  • Representative ACP Transactions

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