Larry Davis Talks to Federal News Radio About Defense Industry Consolidations

Aronson News
April 14, 2016

Larry Davis recently spoke to David Thornton of Federal News Radio regarding the consolidation of defense contractors through mergers and acquisitions.

Larry commented:

Larry Davis, a partner of Aronson Capital Partners, an investment banker who specializes in mergers and acquisitions, said this is likely just a case of the agencies proactively making their voices heard in reaction to general rumblings and trends within the industry.

“I wouldn’t call it a shot across the bow,” he said. “I think there’s been a lot of merger activity, a lot of talk within the industry, CEOs of tier-1 companies making a lot of moves in divestiture and consolidating their businesses. The [agencies are] reacting to that, saying, ‘You can’t reshape the defense industry without involving us.’”

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