Another Government Shutdown? What Government Contractors Should Know!

September 27, 2013

It seems hard to believe, but less than six months after the last budget showdown and shutdown, government contractors find themselves once again facing the prospect of a government shutdown. If the House, Senate and White House can’t come to an agreement over the budget and Obamacare, the stalemate may continue. With only a few days left for a Senate continuing resolution to be passed before the September 30th deadline, government contractors must be prepared for the hard times that may follow.

The total impact of a government shutdown is difficult to predict.  Someone may “win” this game of brinkmanship but, regardless of their own political leanings, most government contractors, contractor employees, and the important government programs they support will suffer.

The experts of Aronson’s Government Contract Services Group released a whitepaper that describes steps contractors should take to prepare for and ultimately survive the shutdown. “The Government Shutdown – Contractor Perspective Likely Impacts and Possible Actions” is a great guide to help you build your action plan.

Thomas Marcinko is a Principal Consultant in Aronson’s Government Contract Services Group. He has over 25 years of government contracts experience, including proposal development, contract and subcontract administration, FAR compliance, small business programs, and government audits.