Alison Dougherty Hosted a Series of Strafford Webinars in Fall 2019

Past Speaking Engagement
November 6, 2019

Alison Dougherty, a director in Aronson’s Tax Services Group, will host a series of Strafford webinars this fall.

The following webinars will be held on their respective dates and available on-demand afterward:

  • 10/29: Basics of Foreign Tax Reporting: Identifying Individuals’ Filing Requirements: Inbound vs. Outbound Reporting Duties, Intersection Between Information Reporting and Income Calculation
  • 11/5: Form 5471 Schedule J, Accumulated Earnings of Controlled Foreign Corporation: Line-by-Line: Deep Dive Into New Categories, Classifications, and Sections of Complex Schedule J
  • 11/20: Foreign Asset Information Reporting Requirements: Filing Thresholds, Reconciling Forms, Entity Classifications Fundamentals of Offshore Ownership Disclosures: FATCA, FBAR, Business Holdings on Forms 5471 and 8858
  • 12/10: Outbound Foreign Income Tax Reporting Basics: Filing Requirements and Thresholds Reconciling Income, Credits and Treaty Benefits, Foreign Entity Classification, GILTI