Is Your Accounting System Adequate for the Alliant 2 RFP?

July 25, 2016

In late June 2016, the highly coveted Alliant 2 SB RFP was released and within the 174 page document, there lies section L.5.4.1 Cost Accounting System and Audit Information.  This scoring element is weighted at 6.6 percent of the total points and requires offerors to provide support that their accounting system has been deemed adequate through an SF1408 audit.

So what if your Company’s accounting system has never been audited? The good news is that your proposal will still be considered but in order to improve your competitiveness further down the line, you will want to think about having a third party review your accounting system.  Your Company will then be in a better position to understand potential problems with the system and implement solutions to these problems.  While a third party review may not allow you to claim points, the value add will be tremendous, thus increasing the Company’s competitiveness.

If you would like more details on receiving a pre-award accounting system review, please contact La-Tasha S.R. Patel at or 301.231.6260.