6th Employee Benefit Plan Benchmarking Survey Report

July 7, 2021

Aronson’s Employee Benefit Plan Services Group is proud to announce the results of its 6th benefit plan survey. The survey is designed to help employers get a better understanding of the overall benefits landscape. Its release comes at one of the most unique times in the Country’s history. A time when we all are beginning to emerge from a global pandemic. An event that forced many employers across all industries to manage a workforce that was largely remote for an extended period of time. At this juncture, employers and employees alike have more questions than answers. This year’s survey has a section related to COVID’s impact on benefits and office life in general. Hopefully this can provide some additional insight into how your peers are moving forward in light of this extraordinary time.

The race to keep the best and brightest is highly competitive and no employer wants to be left behind! Although this is primarily a tool for your benchmarking purposes, as you review the information it may give rise to questions. Please feel free to reach out to Aronson for answers and potential solutions.

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