5th Annual Employee Benefit Plan Benchmarking Survey Report

June 25, 2019

Aronson’s Employee Benefit Plan Services Group is proud to announce the results of its 5th annual benefit plan survey. The survey is designed to help employers get a better understanding of the overall benefits landscape. Its release comes at a time when the overall economy continues to be strong with salaries rising.

Employers across all industries are struggling to meet the needs of a cross-generational workforce in an effort to promote a culture that is consistent with their business mission and keep their employees happy. There is continued uncertainty with the status of healthcare due to the impact of the Affordable Care Act and the direction of the current Administration. Employers are always looking to come up with innovative ideas to keep employees happy and productive. The challenge is to balance the cost of these ideas with the benefits they produce while always looking ahead.

Our survey spans the industries that are representative of the Washington, D.C. Area marketplace and is designed to help employers gain a better understanding of some of the benefits being provided by their peers and the associated challenges in doing so.

The race to keep the best and brightest is highly competitive and no employer wants to be left behind! Although this is primarily a tool for your benchmarking purposes, as you review the information it may give rise to questions. Please feel free to reach out to Aronson at 301.231.6200 for answers and potential solutions.