3rd Annual Employee Benefit Plan Benchmarking Survey

May 6, 2017

Employers across all industries are struggling to meet the needs of very different employee populations in an effort to recruit and retain top talent. New efforts are made every day to come up with innovative ideas to keep employees happy and productive. The challenge is to balance the cost of these ideas with the benefits they produce.

Aronson LLC’s 3rd Annual Employee Benefit Plan Benchmarking Report is a valuable tool for appraising your organization’s benefit plan strategies against those of other employers. Responses include first-hand information about:

  • Types of Benefit Plans Offered
  • Vesting Methodologies
  • Plan Administration Duties
  • Plan Options
  • Impacts of Recent ACA Changes
  • Third Party Advisors
  • Non-Elective Contributions

Our survey spans various industries that are representative of the Washington Area marketplace and is designed to help employers gain a better understanding of some of the benefits being provided by their peers and the associated challenges in doing so. Download your free copy today to help define your benefits package and call us at 301.231.6200 to learn more about employee benefit plan audits and consulting services.