Ensuring that your Deltek system is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your company.

Accounting and project management software packages from Deltek are the systems of choice for government contractors.  Aronson LLC is a Premier Deltek Partner providing best-in-class services that range from implementing a new accounting system to upgrading/reconfiguring an existing system.  Our system consultants not only have two decades of experience with Deltek Systems, they also have worked as controllers or accounting managers for the government contracting industry and understand your unique needs.

If you are in the market for a new project management/accounting system, our consultants can help you through the entire implementation process, including purchase, installation, design, implementation, data conversion, testing and training.  We are recognized experts in the following systems.

  • GCS Premier

This accounting system for small to medium sized contractors is simple to implement and operate and has all the features needed for a government contractor.  Ease of operation makes this system the number one choice for emerging government contracting companies.

  • Costpoint

Costpoint is a sophisticated accounting system that handles not only your accounting and job costing needs, but also has full human resources and material management capabilities.  Full ERP capabilities without the need for customization make this system an ideal selection for medium to large contractors.

  • Deltek Time & Expense

This Internet-based software package can be configured to allow your employees to enter their time as well as their expense reports, and can be set up to be used with either GCS Premier or Costpoint.

In addition to implementing new Deltek Systems, Aronson's Deltek Consulting specialists can provide additional maintenance services, including:

  • Upgrading from GCS Premier to Costpoint

If faced with rapid growth, subsidiary consolidation, complex rate structures, or multi-company/location accounting requirements, it may be time to upgrade to Deltek's enterprise financial system, Costpoint. Our unparalleled Costpoint design process ensures maximum future flexibility to meet the needs of your organization.

  • Report Writing

Cognos BI 8/10, Impromptu, and Deltek Performance Management (DPM) Become an expert at getting data out of your accounting system with custom reports for your organization. Custom reporting allows for more proactive data modeling, as well as improving efficiency, time management, and getting away from Excel as the primary tool for managing large data sets. We also offer individual, classroom style, and train-the trainer options.

  • System Reconfigurations

Companies change over time, and so do the needs of the reporting requirements. In those instances, a system reconfiguration is required to meet the new business challenges that your organization faces.

  • Implementation of New Modules or System Capabilities

Expand the use of your existing system to gain new functionality and reduce manual efforts outside of your financial system in less used modules such as purchasing, fixed assets, human resources, and budgeting. By maximizing the use of your financial system, you retain it as the sole system of record, crucial for audit trails and flexible reporting entity-wide.

  • Training

As users change roles or leave the company, most companies rely on the hand-me-down method of training. Periodic refresher training by module, role, or system-wide is recommended so your team is always using best practice methods in modules such as contract setup, billing, and time keeping.

  • Outsourcing Services

Not all companies require a fully dedicated in-house accounting staff, which is why we offer our outsourcing services. Whether your requirements are timekeeping, payroll, and month-end close, or just à la carte items due to reduced internal bandwidth during periods of turnover, our resident accountancy experts can keep your financial infrastructure strong.

  • Upgrading to Costpoint 7

Now that Costpoint 6 support has ended, it is imperative to upgrade to Costpoint 7. In addition to maintenance and support continuation, users can take advantage of new functionality such as a more intuitive 100% web based user interface, better interoperability with Excel, new preprocessors (fixed asset, vendor master, cash receipts), better job processing, improved security options (including a segregation of duties module), AD or single sign-on authentication, Sharepoint/content management integration, document storage capabilities, customizable labels and fields, and improved reporting capabilities (converting reports to Excel, PDF, html, or rtf directly from Costpoint).

Our consultants have helped thousands of companies implement and effectively use their Deltek systems over the years. Our specialty is making sure that the system you implement is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your company.