Offering a full range of comprehensive audit, accounting and compliance services.

Aronson LLC’s assurance services are a fusion of personalized consultation and compliance services with a full range of audit and accounting services. From the preparation of financial statements, to providing business and financial consulting, we work to perfect the nature of your business. Aronson LLC recognizes that assurance services are typically mandated by third-party lenders or creditors, shareholders, bonding companies, or security regulators. We take pride in having perfected a methodology for addressing the requirements of all of these users.

We apply our extensive industry knowledge to bring you efficient and effective assurance services, which improve internal accounting controls and reporting systems by offering proactive advice in areas of importance to your company. Traditional assurance service offerings include:

  • Audit, Review and Compilation
    Aronson LLC’s experts have provided auditing services for over 40 years to a vast array of companies and organizations. What distinguishes Aronson LLC is our expertise in a wide variety of industries to bring an added value during the execution of our engagement.
  • Assurance and Risk Management Services
    Forging our business and audit expertise to assess risk, we are able to understand the fine points of each aspect of the internal audit process and bring you the most comprehensive and reliable assurance and risk management services.
  • Special Reports
    Aronson LLC has the experience to support you in a wide array of special reporting circumstances, including:
    • Program specific reports
    • Agreed upon procedures
    • Rate certifications
    • Prequalification reports

Our staff will help you derive real value from your reporting and set your audit strategies where needed.

  • Employee Benefits
    Our pension and benefits professionals have developed a retirement plan audit process that is based on understanding retirement plans and the industry.
  • Audit Committee Guidance
    Our experts work with your audit committee to stay abreast of regulatory changes within the industry and set direction for future audits.