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Rockville, Maryland
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Industry and Service Areas

Aronson takes pride in providing niche-focused products and services to the Metro region’s most active industries. We specialize in comprehensive, professional service offerings in the following primary areas:

Construction Industry Services Group
Audit, Tax Planning & Preparation, Industry-Specific Business Consulting
Lead Partner: Tim Cummins
Real Estate Industry Services Group
Audit, Tax Planning, Industry-Specific Business Consulting
Lead Partner: Mario DeLuca
Government Contract Services Group
Audit, Tax Planning & Preparation, GSA Schedule, Compliance, Systems
Lead Partner: Lexy Kessler
Technology Industry Services Group
Audit, Tax Planning & Preparation, Transactional Support, Consulting
Lead Partner: Norm Snyder
Nonprofit and Association Industry Services Group
Audit, Tax Planning & Preparation, Employee Benefits, Outsourcing
Lead Partner: Craig Stevens
Tax Services Group
Federal/State/Local and International Taxation, Planning & Preparation
Lead Partner: Mario DeLuca
Financial Advisory Services Group
Litigation Support, Valuation, Research, Analytical Modeling
Lead Partner: Bill Foote
Employee Benefit Plan Services Group
Plan Audits, Implementation, Compliance Consulting
Lead Partner: Kathryn Petrillo

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The Aronson Service Platform

At Aronson, we believe that the best way to serve our clients is to create proactive solutions that allow them to flourish in an ever-changing market. That’s why we offer the Platform , a highly customizable, modular program which allows our clients to put together a package of comprehensive services that work together for success. With 100% customization ability, our clients have all of their needs met within one company with outstanding results.

The Aronson Family of Companies

Aronson LLC is committed to perfecting the nature of our clients’ business. Aronson’s professionals stay ahead of trends to meet and exceed expectations through their unique combination of personal service and innovative expertise. Dedicated to providing a complete financial solution, Aronson is more than just a typical accounting firm—we are a trusted advisor to our clients.

Aronson Capital Partners , a division of Aronson, is a leading investment bank providing mergers and acquisition, corporate finance, and valuation services to middle-market companies in the defense and government technology services industries.

The Aronson Foundation is a private organization that grants charitable contributions to organizations focused primarily on the needs of the people of our community.

Worldwide Vision

Aronson is a member of Praxity , a selective, highly motivated alliance of strong, independent, yet like-minded accounting firms across the globe, mutually committed to the delivery of the highest quality, consistent and professional accounting services, where and whenever required by their clients, globally. Member firms contribute senior-level expertise and local knowledge to deliver practical, tailored and timely solutions of the highest quality.


Aronson is committed to service, integrity and professionalism. We have been recognized for our performance in such areas as operational efficiency, workplace satisfaction, growth and corporate philanthropy.

Social Media Aronson is pleased to share valuable insight on the topics affecting the region’s business community. Our industry-focused blogs are a quick and easy way to stay in touch with our experts and use their knowledge and expertise to your advantage. We currently offer blogs specific to the government contracting, real estate, construction, nonprofit and technology sectors. Please visit Aronson Blogs for insight into the latest industry trends and information provided by our business and financial professionals.

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