Lexy Kessler Quoted in Washington Technology Article, "Early Lesson from NCI Breach: Double Check Financial Oversight"

Lexy Kessler was quoted on February 6, 2017 in a Washington Technology article entitled “Early Lesson from NCI Breach: Double Check Financial Oversight.” In January 2017, news came to light that the controller of NCI Inc. embezzled $18 million over the past six years. Lexy shares her industry knowledge throughout the article, noting that for public companies, sheI "would highly recommend that it is a third party forensics team comes in with attorneys to understand the landscape of what you are doing, [a team] who understands you have investors that you’re reporting to."

Lexy suggests, "With any crisis, companies must investigate how it occurred. Unfortunately, in today’s technology environment, it is near impossible to catch every potential problem. That said, companies learn everything they can about a breach and put into place a corrective action. Then, communicate to everyone who needs to know—lenders, investors, the board of directors and employees."

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