Cybersecurity for DoD Contractors

The Department of Defense’s acquisition clause on safeguarding Unclassified Controlled Technical Information (UCTI) affects DoD contractors of all sizes. Failure to comply with the requirements or to report a cyber incident now constitutes a breach and could result in fines or contract termination. Aronson’s white paper, “NEW DoD REGULATIONS FOR THE CYBERSECURITY AGE: Implementing and Paying for the DFARS UCTI Safeguarding Contract Clause,” addresses many of the issues surrounding the new clause::

Download this white paper to learn whether this acquisition clause affects your business and, if so, how to implement and pay for it.

  • Background on the new DFARS clause
  • Determining applicability to contracts
  • Assessing what data is affected
  • Determining adequate security
  • Handling cyber incidents
  • Likely enforcement mechanisms
  • Potential penalties for non-compliance
  • Subcontractor compliance
  • Distinctions between this clause and FISMA
  • Recouping implementation costs
  • Top-level action plan for compliance


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